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codemantra’s accessibilityInsight™ platform provides end-to-end accessibility compliance for digital documents

Accessibility is at the heart of inclusivity, and particularly as it relates to people with visual, auditory, physical, or cognitive disabilities. Truly accessible content enables everyone, regardless of disability or special needs, to read and engage with content.

However, true accessibility requires that users not be required to utilize additional technology to access the content because the provider has compromised on the quality and standard of accessibility they provide.

codemantra promises to deliver true accessibility. Over the last five years, codemantra’s R&D has developed technology and expertise to help content owners provide truly accessible digital content. codemantra’s fast, accurate, AI-powered tools and intelligent document processing capabilities (IDP) support accessibility inclusion.

codemantra’s accessibilityInsight™ is an intelligent document processing platform that embraces machine learning to automate up to 80% of document accessibility production to

accessibilityInsight™ platform enables compliance through these robust and scalable modules

Document Accessibility Audit

Accessibility laws across countries

codemantra has experience

in remediating documents to

comply to these regulations

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    accessibilityInsight™ offers an automated audit across documents – single document, books, journals, or an entire corpus of content. A summary is generated highlighting the content and structural gaps with reference to accessibility.

    accessibilityInsight™ audits can be executed for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and ePub files. Files are directly uploaded to the accessibilityInsight audit engine and a final report is made available to the publisher within 24 hours.

    The system tests across 31 checkpoints consisting of 136 vulnerabilities as established by the international PDF Association ( in their Matterhorn 1.02 protocol. The vast majority of these vulnerabilities are automatically assessed by accessibilityInsight’s audit systems. codemantra’s accessibility experts get involved wherever visual assessment is required.

    Automatic PDF Remediation Module (“Black Box”)

    A PDF is fed into the Automated PDF Remediation Module and processed using accessibilityInsight’s machine learning model. This process results in a tagged PDF at 70%-80% accuracy depending on the consistency of the PDF formatting and the document complexity.

    The resultant PDF file is not fully compliant and the customer/partner has several alternatives to address 100% compliance:

    • Solution A – Do nothing. PDF is “good enough” and the organization deems the PDF to be remediated to their liking.
    • Solution B – Use Adobe Acrobat to edit the tag set, finish the alt text, edit reading order, etc.
    • Solution C – Send PDF out to another accessibility service provider.
    • Solution D – Send PDF out to the codemantra accessibility team to make PDF 100% compliant
    • Solution E – License accessibilityInsight’s alt text editor and QC module

    The Automated PDF Remediation Module can be integrated into codemantra’s partner/customer workflow through its API.


    • Machine learning-based PDF remediation that automates up to 80% of the process
    • Training model leveraging data lake with millions of articles.

    file merge, assembly & validation

    With structural tags in place and established alt text directories loaded with approved copy, the accessibilityInsight engine auto compiles a first pass accessibility deliverable – ePub 3.0/UA or a PDF/UA or both.