Avallain Joins codemantra’s Partner Program: To Offer Document Accessibility to Educational and Professional Training Customers

BOSTON, US & LUSTMUHLE, CH: March 9, 2021: – Avallain has joined the codemantra Partner Program to introduce document accessibility compliance to their global education and professional training customer base. The award-winning Swiss EdTech and e-learning solutions provider supports leading brands worldwide with its international team of experts. Drawing on 20 years of experience, Avallain offers innovative digital learning solutions in multiple languages, powered by its state-of-the-art authoring tool and easy-to-navigate Learning Management System (LMS). 

“We are pleased to partner with codemantra and appreciate their expertise as the market leader for AI-based document accessibility compliance,” said Ignatz Heinz, President, and co-founder of Avallain. “The ability to offer accessibility compliance to our customers adds value to our products and services. As digital learning has evolved, it is pivotal for us to consider the critical importance of accessibility and enable our customers to provide access and inclusion. We continuously define our product roadmap with accessibility in mind and offer comprehensive editorial guidelines for our customers’ content creation process. codemantra’s expertise will add to our efforts and enhance our Avallain product portfolio with the introduction of the document accessibility compliance.”

codemantra has been offering digital document compliance technology and services to a wide array of customers in financial services, insurance, K-12 education, higher education, and government agencies.  By leveraging its accessibilityInsight™ platform that employs machine learning to accurately tag content elements, codemantra can automate the document remediation and compliance process by up to 80%. accessibilityInsight™ validates accessibility compliance by completing over 100 automated document checks against the WCAG and PDF/UA standards.

“Avallain is a leader in the education and professional training industry and our partnership helps service their customers in a unique and increasingly important way,” said Barry Bealer, Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances at codemantra. “By developing digital learning content that is accessible, Avallain’s customers can now also benefit from codemantra’s expertise and validation that their content meets international and country-specific accessibility mandates.”  

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codemantra is a global leader that provides an AI-driven Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform. The platform automates digital document accessibility compliance, extracts, classifies and captures document insights, and transforms any document into any desired digital format. codemantra has consistently delivered high-quality solutions and services to over 300 global customers in multiple markets including publishing, financial services, public sector, non-profits, and K-12 and higher education. Headquartered in Boston, codemantra also has offices in London and Chennai, India. For more information, please visit  www.codemantra.com

Founded in 2002, Avallain is an award-winning Swiss EdTEch and e-learning solutions provider, working with leading premium brands worldwide. The company’s mission is to unlock human potential with innovative technology-enhanced education and to enable businesses and organizations to create highly interactive e-learning content solutions. Co-founders and EdTech pioneers Ursula Suter and Ignatz Heinz lead the international Avallain team across five continents, representing more than 14 nations. The company is an active participant of the UN Global Compact and aims to advance the SDGs by achieving a zero-carbon footprint and contributing to positive social change in Sub-Saharan Africa with its Avallain Foundation. For more information, please visit https://www.avallain.com/

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