A Practical Guide to Making Retail Banks & Credit Unions More Accessible & Inclusive

As businesses are increasingly moving online, accessibility is no longer limited to physical spaces such as handicapped parking spots and wheelchair ramps. Therefore, it’s in everyone’s best interest to make web content and documents accessible to people with disabilities.

In many countries, including the US, non-compliance with web content accessibility guidelines can be considered discriminatory against people with disabilities. Apart from legal ramifications, non-compliance can have a negative impact on your customer experience. By designing a barrier-free website that’s easy to understand and navigate, you are improving the user experience for everyone, paving the way for an equal and inclusive society.

This report will help readers understand Section 508 and explore its relevance to banks. It will help organizations gauge where they stand with respect to digital content accessibility. And it will provide a plan of action to break down barriers impeding individuals, relying on assistive technology, from accessing your digital documents.

ADA related lawsuits in US

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