Large financial organization

Case study: Global Financial Organization


enables a global financial organization to achieve effective content lifecycle management


  • Ensures the stability of international monetary system
  • Has presence and works with central banks, academic research and monetary institutions in 189 countries


  • Enabling the discovery of information to a variety of institutional bodies and systems
  • Transformation of content
  • Streamlined workflow


  • Limited internal staff supporting publication of time-sensitive and critical financial information
  • Flexibility and scalability to conform to workflows, systems and content specification


An intelligent document & metadata platform was leveraged to provide comprehensive content management solution. The platform managed end-to-end processes from content and metadata creation to validation and reporting. Automation of metadata entry saved time, resources and met the necessary compliance with multiple standard formats. Configurable business rules enabled business integration to other systems and portals resulting in improved content discovery.


  • 60% increased publication of content online without staff augmentation
  • Improved impact and discovery of online information faster by 55%
  • 75% increase in visibility of content and reach 200+ partners in a click

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