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Digitize & enable broad accessibility to 150+ out of print publications spanning four decades of scholarship. Ensuring they work with a broad range of OCR software and are accessible to readers with impaired sight


Legacy titles required white-glove handling and rectification to damaged titles. Major challenges around digitizing with color corrections as it is ART gallery images & delivery timelines with respect to the pandemic.


Initial assessments of hard copy publications spanning four decades of scholarship titles that detailed page count, image count & condition in terms of dust/damages identification & rectification process. The assessed scanned files were uploaded to the Accessibility Delivery Hub, our AI-powered object detection & remediation was initiated for the scanned images. The Accessibility Delivery Hub’s (ADH) proprietary validation engines automatically checked document compliance for all machine testable checkpoints covering Section 508 and WCAG2.1 AA to make them compliance ready.


With the help of this Open Access Project, Scholars, Professors, Students and Art-historical community are able to access, 150+ titles online via a download link or as online reader files.

Sighted readers now have complete access to museum titles with alt text for a concise description of images.

Achieved 100% compliance with W3C.

A savings of approximately 64% in savings over traditional outsourced or in-house compliance efforts.