COVID-19 Update – April 8, 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

Together, we are facing a truly unprecedented situation. I hope everyone is doing well. The global pandemic continues to affect our businesses, communities, and society in general. This has provided all of us with a whole new perspective on life and the way we work and function in the next few weeks or months. During this time, I wanted to reach out and update some of the good things happening at codemantra.

codemantra staff working from remote locations

I’m really happy to inform you that all our global staff were enabled to start working from home well in advance and have been providing excellent customer support from their home-offices already. All are working hard to stay committed to customer delivery schedules despite the inevitable interruptions like power outages, broadband connectivity, Internet inconsistency and so on.

The engineering team re-engineered our software tools to allow secure access to cloud and other backup solutions. While we have factored a reserve capacity into our business continuity plan (BCP) from the beginning, our IT, network, and HR teams are working tirelessly to secure additional resources should we need to scale beyond current demand.

Our HR team is playing a key role in leading codemantra through this crisis. They are keeping a pulse on employee health conditions to make sure no one potentially gets affected by this pandemic and constantly updating the management on the health status of our employees. From ensuring employees are safe to communicating with employees on an ongoing basis, to implementing health safeguards, to designing remote work policies, our HR team is navigating through some unprecedented waters. This helps us plan for the business continuity, communication guidelines, and calm anxiety among us during this stressful time without a clear end in sight.

The finance team has made sure we pay all our partners and vendors on time, who are an integral part of the codemantra family. The Chennai leadership team and delivery teams did extraordinary work through the last week including the weekend to ensure all our employees are technically enabled to manage customer deliverables seamlessly.

codemantra staff working from remote location

We would like to reiterate that all collectionPoint (cP) platform customers should see zero disruption, as these installations are maintained in the cloud with Amazon Web Services and backed in alternate zones. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, of a force majeure nature, codemantra engineers will have access to the cP installations for any routine maintenance or servicing. Backup generators at our facility ensure the integrity of all locally stored data throughout this lockdown period. And our engineers have emergency access if required.

Most importantly, I would like to believe that codemantra is well ahead of the curve than many other Indian companies in restoring the business post the lockdown announcement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 24th March, and that is a testimony to the excellent leadership team that we have. I would like to thank codemantra team for their patience, hard work, creativity, and perseverance in finding solutions and ensure business continuity.

We’re truly grateful for your support and partnership during this time as we all face this unprecedented challenge together and wish all customers safety and good health.

Daniel Serpico
Chief Executive Officer