codemantra assisted the
Henry County School District
Integrated with existing LMS to make curriculum accessible
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codemantra assisted the
University of Westminster
Achieve 100% document accessibility compliance
before the PSBAR deadline
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AI-Enabled Digital Accessible Solutions for K-12, School Districts & Higher Education Institutions

codemantra facilitates the conversion of documents (scanned images/documents & digitally native content) to editable and easily accessible materials which helps improve learning, the end-to-end user experience, and direct cost savings for the institutions.

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Matter Experts

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Increased automation with industry-leading accuracy

SOC 2 Certified

Industry-leading privacy & security practices

Secure Cloud

Secure cloud-based platform conforms to CSA, ISO 27017 & ISO 270018

Remote and hybrid learning is the fast-evolving future of education. Creating an accessible learning experience with technologies such as analytics, AI, and machine learning will be key to hyper-personalizing the student experience. codemantra delivers these solutions that improve the learning experience and knowledge dissemination.

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Stories of Success

"Helped meet the deadline”, “Extremely Pleased”, “Great Turnaround Time” are just some of the compliments customers have showered on codemantra

Sian Norris
University of Westminster

codemantra helped us meet the deadline for new accessibility regulations by making 12,000 pages of our online documents accessible for people with disabilities in as little as eight days.

John Jacob
Leading US University

codemantra has helped us move our curriculum to e-delivery mode within 90 days of project start date. We are extremely pleased with the pace, quality and the product.

Over the years, codemantra has worked with a number of educational institutions to fast-track their digital journeys & leverages this knowledge to improve & broaden its solution delivery.


Most frequent questions and answers

No, codemantra’s platform/solution can integrate with any LMS. So, another LMS is not required. Our solution pushes SCORM content to your existing LMS via an API. This integration reduces the total cost of ownership significantly.

Depending on the solution scope, codemantra offers multiple options based on the platform/solution such as license-based, one-time, or per document-based. Click here to schedule a call with our business support manager.

codemantra has worked with multiple academic institutions across K-12, school districts, colleges, and universities. These include University of Michigan, University of Westminster, University of Illinois, Henry County School District, COBB County, etc. If you represent a university press, please visit our solutions page for publishers & university press.

Technically, it depends on the scale and volume of work. We have worked with academic institutions and completed deliveries in as little as eight business days for the University of Westminster (read more about this engagement in our ‘Stories of Success‘, here).

How can codemantra help?

If you have any questions regarding codemantra’s platforms & solutions, please fill out the form below and our marketing team will get back as soon as possible.