codemantra worked with the California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA)
To improve the accessibility of DCA’s website
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codemantra is working with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC)
To make DTSC’s video resources ADA compliant
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Improve Document Processing Efficiency of Government Agencies

codemantra’s AI-driven IDP platform makes searching, accessing, managing, and processing of government documents easier and faster through automation and elimination of manual data entry, in the process helping government agencies achieve the highest levels of reliability, scalability, and efficiency.

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State Agencies
as Clients

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Increased automation with industry-leading accuracy

SOC 2 Certified

Industry-leading privacy & security practices

Secure Cloud

Secure cloud-based platform conforms to CSA, ISO 27017 & ISO 270018

Without a doubt, digital technologies are reshaping the way governments function across the world. In an ever-changing and competitive marketplace, governments have to lead from the front in complying with accessibility regulations and create higher service delivery by leveraging technology for their citizens. These solutions help governments be at the technological forefront & keep them connected with their citizens and internal stakeholders.

Document Transformation

Transform assets/documents into digital assets for downstream use and consumption into various formats like XML, ePUB, MOBI, HTML5, and other digital formats.

Accessibility Compliance

Make documents accessible as required by Section 508, PSBAR, EAA, or other international laws to serve people with print disability better and conform to WCAG AA standard.

Contract Processing

Transform documents, extract data, convert into actionable insights, push the data into any existing application for singular data ingestion, and speed up business processes.

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