California Public Employment Relations Board

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The Business Challenge

To achieve 100% accessibility compliance (AB 434) for all PDF documents

Highlights of Implementation

All documents were made accessible in under four weeks, ensuring accurate classification and metadata annotation

18k+ pages were made accessible without any human intervention


codemantra leveraged its accessibilityInsight™ platform to make the documents WCAG and PDF/UA compliant

66k+ documents were made accessible in less than five weeks with detailed metadata annotation, ensuring accurate classification

Automated the entire workflow to minimize human intervention

About the Client

The Public Employment Relations Board (PERB or Board) is a quasi-judicial administrative agency charged with administering the collective bargaining statutes covering employees of California’s public schools, colleges, and universities, employees of the State of California, employees of California local public agencies (cities, counties and special districts), trial court employees, trial court interpreters, supervisory employees of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Judicial Council employees, Orange County Transportation Authority employees, Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) employees and child care providers who participate in a state-funded early care and education program.

California Public Employment Relations Board