AI-powered solution for digital asset management, content transformation, and digital accessibility compliance

End-to-end digital transformation for technology companies (learning & knowledge functions)

codemantra provides intelligent document processing solutions for support, learning, and knowledge outputs of technology companies.

Outputs like training materials, user guides, and customer support documentation to help customers, resellers, and OEM partners need digitization, accessibility remediation and integration with multiple internal and external channels.

Technology companies (learning & knowledge functions) need a solution partner who understands the legal laws and has the proven experience of delivering within a secure environment and understanding the company’s downstream document lifecycle. This is where codemantra’s collectionPoint™ platform can save a significant amount of time, effort, and money. The platform can push the data to any CRM, ERP, or IT application used by the technology company. 

End-to-end digital asset management for support, learning & development output of technology companies

codemantra’s collectionPoint™ platform provides end-to-end solutions in digital asset management, content transformation, and digital accessibility compliance.

Functionality & features of collectionPoint™

Impact on technology companies

More solutions for technology companies (support, learning & knowledge functions)

Document Transformation

Transform assets/documents into digital assets for downstream use and consumption into various formats like XML, ePUB, MOBI, HTML5, and other digital formats.

Accessibility Compliance

Make documents accessible as required by Section 508, PSBAR, EAA, or other international laws to serve people with print disability better and conform to WCAG AA standard.