SCORM Packaging & Content Accessibility for LMS

5 years experience in SCORM packaging & content accessibility for learning management systems (LMS)

Making remote learning more accessible & standardized

With the education industry as a whole striving towards universal design to improve student’s access to learning, codemantra’s can not only assist in converting course material to LMS compatible formats but also use  accessibility platforms to remediate learning material at scale in addition to the following:

Solution delivery

Service Bureau + Content Assembly Platform + accessibility Platform

Converting content from disparate sources into digital formats, making content accessible and integration with existing LMS is achieved with a combination of Service Bureau, content assembly platform & accessibilityInsight™ platform. 

Service Bureau for packaging SCORM

Content from disparate sources is pulled apart; normalized and re-constituted with the utmost efficiency to produce a quality digital or print output. The company employs subject matter experts to write bridge copy, wherever required, in order to maintain a logical flow. In the case of K-12 curriculums, codemantra hires education professionals with experience in state and local standards and assessment requirements.

Multiple formats including PDF, Word, hardcopy paper, Adobe Suite outputs, XML, and video are converted to standardized image, text, audio, video, and URL links that follow the WCAG guidelines. The service bureau converts the courseware into SCORM format which is the de facto industry standard for eLearning interoperability.

codemantra’s team of experienced instructional designers (ID) and subject matter experts (SME) use proven design strategies, best practices, and decades of experience in the education domain to enhance instruction, and increase learner engagement.


Impact on K-12, school districts & higher educational institutions

Content assembly platform to integrate with any existing LMS

The content assembly platform takes the SCORM output & integrates it with any existing Learning Management System.

Content Assembly Platform

Making learning accessible using accessibilityInsight™ platform

With the increasing need to make content consumable by print-disabled students, it is necessary to make LMS content accessible.

codemantra’s accessibility platform makes course materials, including pdf, audio, video (CC), URL-links, etc., accessible for print-disabled students by conforming to AA standards of WCAG 2.1.

The accessibility platform has a suite of these independent modules that assist in accessibility assessment, remediation & quality control by a combination of an AI-powered engine and human intelligence.

7-Step process from inaccessible to accessible curriculum

The 7-Step solution approach starts with:

Step 1: Assessing and collating all the various types of inputs ( from paper to digital files)

Step 2: Automate digitization of the content to ensure WCAG accessibility compliance using the accessibilityInsight™ platform. 

Step 3: Auto-generate tags for Powerpoint or SCORM version. This improves the context of the content in the learning material.

Step 4: Present the editable content online in HTML format. 

Step 5: The content is packaged for multi-device usage across mobile, tab & computer (PC &Mac)

Step 6: Integrate remediated accessible content with the existing learning management system (LMS)

Step 7: If necessary, store & manage learning objects.

The Solutions Approach

More solutions for K-12, school districts & higher educational institutions

learning design studio

Editorial Support
Digital Consultant
Digital Transformation Expert
Instructional Engineers

Visual Design Studio

UI Experts
UX Experts
CSS Experts
Native Designers

quality assurance studio

QA Engineer
Functional Testers
Automation Engineers
Content Testers
Product Experts (K12, Higher Ed, Courseware)

Instructional Design Services

Needs Analysis
Develop Design Document
Develop Storyboard
Assessment Case Studies


codemantra’s accessibilityCheck can be easily integrated into any business application or platform workflow. The cloud-based service provides robust accessibility compliance reporting to assess document accessibility errors and where remediation steps need to be taken to become compliant. Document accessibility is not optional and therefore running an assessment of a document’s compliance with accessibility standards is the first step in understanding the potential liability of any business or organization to its end users.


codemantra’s accessibilityAuto can be easily integrated into any business application or platform workflow. The cloud-based service provides highly accurate accessibility remediation of PDFs. With more and more content being uploaded online every day, online content needs to be made accessible what with ADA 508 compliance laws as well as state and federal guidelines mandating accessibility compliance. With this module, significantly reduce the time to make PDFs fully accessible.