Senate Committee urges Veteran Affairs and the Justice Department to Improve Access to Federal Technology

Introduction Senate lawmakers are pressing the Justice Department and Veteran Affairs, along with other federal agencies, to improve the accessibility of their online services. Accessibility is important to a broad swath of taxpayers who rely every day on information and services provided by the federal government. About 61 million American adults or 26% population, live […]
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How does SEO help with digital accessibility?

Introduction SEO stands for search engine optimization in the digital marketing industry. It is the process of optimizing your content pieces for search engines like Google. The main purpose behind this process is to push your content piece before a larger audience base on the internet. In 2022, SEO has been one of the most […]
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Students look at a laptop over their teacher's shoulder.

K-12 Schools and accessibility-related issues: A detailed study

Introduction Every student has an equal right to education, including students with disabilities. It’s a myth that students with disabilities are not as capable as their non – disabled peers. On the contrary, an accessible educational environment ensures an inclusive and better learning experience for everyone, including students with disabilities. The most important step schools […]
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