Museums & Art Galleries

Making Museums Accessible – Best Practices from Around the World

“Museums for equality: diversity and inclusion” – the International Museum Day theme for 2020 is a nudge for museums worldwide to take Accessibility for disabled visitors ‘earnestly.’ Museum’s worldwide records an average of 54 million visitors every year. Approximately 4% to 11% of those museum visitors are individuals with different forms of physical disabilities. All […]
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Accessibility & Economy

The Intertwined Tales of Accessibility and Economy

Economic entities such as businesses, hospitals, federal agencies, and the like underwent several social revolutions and reforms before attaining the current form and structure. This included laying out guidelines for ethics, equality, and accessibility. Accessibility, in particular, helps sustain inclusivity and diversity in our society. Although brands have been quick to adopt newfound strategies and […]
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Digital Accessibility

Digital Accessibility – The 2021 Game Changer

In today’s digital ecosystem, one could argue that access to the internet is a fundamental right. 2020 and by the looks of it 2021 has firmly established that digital is the way forward and therefore digital accessibility needs to be part of the business strategy by default and to stay relevant. What is digital accessibility? […]
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Happy Holidays

From the CEO’s desk The holiday season marks a special time of the year. A time that we can all come together & celebrate family, friendship, and our humanity. Given the enormous challenges that we faced in 2020, there seems to be no better time to celebrate the joy of the holiday season than now. […]
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