codemantra’s accessibilityInsight™ Chosen for SSP Previews to Highlight AI’s Role in Making Documents Accessible

Boston, May 11, 2021 – accessibilityInsight, a global leader in AI-enabled document accessibility compliance, has been selected by the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) for their 43rd Annual Meeting and Previews event on Tuesday, May 25. Ten technology and services companies will be presenting at the Previews event. codemantra’s presentation will focus on how AI can be leveraged to make digital documents accessible. Additional highlights will include the need for all documents on the internet today to be compliant with the Web Content Accessible Guidelines (WCAG) and PDF Universal Accessibility (PDF/UA) standard. In addition, the presentation will touch on the automation of PDF remediation to reduce the time and effort to make documents accessible.

The 43rd SSP Annual Meeting offers attendees yet another strong program full of informational and thought-provoking presentations, covering the biggest issues and questions in the scholarly publishing industry today. Attendees from society and commercial publishers, research institutions, university presses, libraries, and service providers from around the globe will be participating in this event.

We are excited to present how we leverage AI to remediate documents and make them accessible and compliant,” said Ian Smith, Senior Director of Accessibility Solutions and Services at codemantra. “Given the requirements to license only accessible content to organizations and institutions, we believe accessibility compliance is a high priority business objective for publishers today.

codemantra is a global leader in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). Its AI-powered platform automates digital document accessibility compliance, captures and extracts actionable insights from raw data, and transforms documents into any desired digital format. codemantra has consistently delivered high-quality solutions and services to over 300 global customers in multiple markets including publishing, financial services, public sector, non-profits, and K-12 and higher education. Headquartered in Boston, codemantra also has offices in London and Chennai. For more information, please visit