collectionPoint™ platform is the leading intelligent document processing platform providing end-to-end document management solution

A SaaS-based application with intelligent content and process automation, collectionPoint enables consolidation of information and content across disparate silo sources. It provides visibility to business-critical information, across the product lifecycle, in a single view.

Document Lifecycle

A secure AI-powered platform which seamlessly integrates with the in-house systems and steers through the entire lifecycle from creation to delivery with extreme flexibility. It unlocks significant operational efficiencies and provides daily insights for business growth and market traction.

Functionality & Features

Document Processing


Machine learning-based extraction from unstructured documents, editing of PDFs and finally transforming documents to make them interoperable are key. The cloud platform provides daily insight of all functions.

workflow & distribution

Built-in intelligent decision-making logic to facilitate automated workflows. Intuitive business rule generator with 100% error-free, no wait distribution to downstream channels.

collaborative communication

An omnichannel communication tool built for effective collaboration, automated user group email routing sans shared inbox; all these in one platform for parallel access by multiple users. Serves as a holistic customer relationship management tool to exclusively handle journal and publication business.

unification & discovery

Multiple file formats and Information from different sources are classified and associated granularly in a single system to ensure accelerated search and increased productivity.


Seamless integration with multiple systems such as web content management systems, contract management systems, learning management systems, and with an ever-growing partner base.