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Intelligent contract processing for government

Governments across the world are increasingly beginning to rely on technology to govern and deliver services to citizens. However, the IT applications of various government agencies are built over time and, in some cases, have duplication of business process rules or even data ingestion into the system leading to significant loss of times and resources. Therefore, it is necessary to automate their contract processing workflows. Through intelligent data capture and extraction and automation, governments, would transform incoming documents/contracts into actionable data that would improve crucial front-end citizen processes such as service delivery.

codemantra’s intelligent contract processing platform helps manage and classify all the documents & vendor contracts of government effectively. Intelligent extraction of crucial information from any unstructured document, proactive validation, and accelerated reviews of the process. In addition, the use of AI and NLP reduces the risk of errors, and 100% compliance is achieved for all the executed contracts with real-time alerts and high-impact analytics.

The government needs a solution partner who understands document extraction, classifies, integrates, and pushes the data to any existing applications used by the government agency. In addition, the solutions have to be implemented within the government’s procurement framework and adhering to security protocols.  

Data extraction to integration with government applications

codemantra’s intelligent contract processing solution uses these major modules for solution delivery: 

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Document Transformation

Transform assets/documents into digital assets for downstream use and consumption into various formats like XML, ePUB, MOBI, HTML5, and other digital formats.

Accessibility Compliance

Make documents accessible as required by Section 508, PSBAR, EAA, or other international laws to serve people with print disability better and conform to WCAG AA standard.