Document Transformation

Transforming the output of support, learning & development function of companies to digital formats

Making support, learning & development digital ready

The support, learning & knowledge departments of companies are increasingly going digital. In a post-COVID world, this transformation has been significant. Companies are increasingly delivering support documents in digital formats due to ease of handling, better penetration at a lower cost & version control management that the digital ecosystem quickly provides.

Companies need partners who have the much-needed experience of transforming support, learning & knowledge assets into digital form for a better end-user experience. 

AI-based & service bureau supported Document Transformation

codemantra’s service bureau has the perfect combination of subject matter experts with 1 million+ hours of experience who can assist in transforming support, learning & development functions of companies into digital assets that can then be ready for reuse electronically.

codemantra has helped various technology companies expand their digital archives and improve their digital accessibility, including fortune 500 companies like Cisco.

codemantra’s AI-based automated content extraction platform predicts the logical text from any source PDF format (image/print). It provides a styled document in any other format like XML, ePUB, MOBI, HTML5, and other digital output formats. codemantra has been delivering eight million pages of digital uPDF output every year for the last decade or so.

The following teams of the service bureau assist in the document transformation:

Impact on technology companies

Quality assurance services

codemantra’s Lean Six Sigma certified QA experts define the standards and practices for project-based delivery. In addition, codemantra’s ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures these practices and guidelines are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of clients and their business processes.

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Accessibility Compliance

Make documents accessible as required by Section 508, PSBAR, EAA, or other international laws to serve people with print disability better and conform to WCAG AA standard.


Solution for the end-to-end digital transformation of organizations from digital asset management, content transformation, digital accessibility compliance, digital rights management (DRM), and distribution.