Department of Toxic Substances Control

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About Client

The client is a government agency committed to protecting the people and environment of California from toxic substances


“My organization needed to make our videos ADA compliant and codemantra was a great partner for our remediation needs. They quickly provided closed captions for hours of video content and tailored their process to my department’s specific needs. I would definitely recommend their services.”
Adam Calvillo-Cain
TV Specialist, DTSC Office of Communication


The codemantra team ensured the captions were correctly captured with accurate timestamps and spelling and supplied the CC rendered videos and its respective transcripts in SRT format (based on client-specific requirement). The videos underwent two rounds of quality assurance check by SMEs/Editors before delivery.


  1. Captions including complex chemical terms were delivered with an accuracy of 99%
  2. Project was delivered 6 days prior to delivery date


Granularity of data made navigtion & search easier

Made remote learning more intuitive & less cumbersome