Section 508 Compliance Checklist for Federal Government Agencies

Introduction Federal governments are required to comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. It requires federal agencies to create, buy and use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that’s accessible to people with disabilities, including website pages, software, applications, intranet sites and tools, and electronic documents. Failure to comply with Section 508 represents […]
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Students look at a laptop over their teacher's shoulder.

K-12 Schools and accessibility-related issues: A detailed study

Introduction Every student has an equal right to education, including students with disabilities. It’s a myth that students with disabilities are not as capable as their non – disabled peers. On the contrary, an accessible educational environment ensures an inclusive and better learning experience for everyone, including students with disabilities. The most important step schools […]
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Student looking at a laptop screen with his hands on his cheeks.

Tips to create accessible learning content for K-12 Education

Introduction Schools and school districts are increasingly contending with the pressing task of creating accessible learning content. The use of presentations, course content, supplemental materials, OERs, instructional materials, etc., in the K-12 education system has soared during the pandemic. The shift to digital work has allowed teachers who instruct kindergarten to the twelfth grade to […]
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